Ceramic counter-dumping initially cuts China Ceramics...
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Recently, was known as “in the history is biggest” European Union to the Chinese ceramics counter-dumping investigation makes initially cuts: A Chinese Enterprise has not obtained the market economy status, 1500 China Ceramics Enterprise, is levied reaches as high as 73% temporary punitive customs duties, a half year later will announce the final verdict result. European Union ceramics market forward “China makes” closes the front door. In recent years, Our country Ceramics Enterprise successive years encountered the counter-dumping investigation in the international market. The professional believed that the ceramic profession long-term low cost competition expands the strategy has been difficult to sustain, should as compel the mechanism but actually take the counter-dumping investigation, speeds up the development low-carbon and the high added value product, realizes entire industrial effective reforming early. The profession faces “the life and death term examination”

has been too high, 73% were really too high.”China Ceramics Industrial association Foshan head of chancery the blue guard expressed to reporter. On March 17, he receives the European Commission initially to cut the result to the counter-dumping investigation official officially informing. Reporter in this official gazette saw that a Chinese Enterprise has not obtained the market economy status, Guangdong new Run becomes the ceramic Limited company, Shandong elegant the ceramic Limited company and the Guangdong only US ceramics Limited company and so on 3 China Ceramics Enterprise obtains case processing, the tax rate respectively is 35.5%, 36.6%, 26.2%, but the cooperation has not been pulled out the enterprise tax rate is 32.3%, other ceramic enterprise for national universal tax rate 73%. The blue guard said that the European Union related document demonstrated that the implementation temporary customs duty from March 17 will carry out to September 16 a half year, the period will pass through will contradict, the public hearing after the harm and so on a series of procedures, on September 17 finally will decide whether will levy 5 year official counter-dumping tax.

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