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The traditional market exhausted dispirited, the emerging market already became the Foshan Building materials Enterprise to snatch the food the cake. However, situation whether to become the enterprise to enter these markets stably the consideration factor.

The building materials enterprise looks at the emerging market In the Foshan last year's import and export data, Iraq, Qatar had 220,000,000 US dollars and 58,000,000 US dollars separately, import and export total 60,900,000,000 US dollars odd changes. But, under traditional Europe and America market whole worn out situation, even if the small emerging market also already became exports the goal which the building materials enterprise robs. “the export market regarding this year, I felt that has not grasped.”Forever will be newly honest the ceramics to have oral area General Manager Huang Hang to indicate that the global economic recovery situation is not bright, the European and American tradition market atrophy is obvious, already exported to the enterprise has had certain influence, now can do is only proceeds to flush, seizes more emerging markets, this year company's goal is Southeast Asia and the Middle East market. Hit the emerging market regarding the host the early morning Ying ceramics Limited company, although the export order to affect not in a big way, actually has felt the pressure which the colleague swarmed enters. This company person in charge Tan Ying indicated that the company staple market in the Middle East and South America, since last year, the European and American market order form has dropped 20%~30%, but the company overall order form is impartial, mainly benefits from the company in the emerging market order form constant rise. However, because many building materials enterprises start to swarm enter the emerging market, this makes him to have the pressure very much. At present, they are developing more emerging markets, to market and so on South Africa, North Africa, Algeria, Egypt inspections already proposed the program.

The China council for the promotion of international trade Foshan Committee, Foshan International Chamber of Commerce President Xie Weixiong indicated that last year, Foshan to traditional market export and old times basic impartial, but to the emerging market export's speed-up actually above two figures, the emerging market releases the potential already reached the mutual recognition in the enterprise, but this year tradition market continues to force Foshan's Export enterprise worn out to change the emerging market to seek for the point of growth. He believed that compared in the competition already the very intense traditional market, the emerging market entered the threshold also relatively to lower some.

Walks most worries the local political situation “Qatar conducts in 2022 the World Cup, needs the massive building materials; Iraq has a hundred things to do, the market is similarly broad.”In conducted the other day at a recommendation meeting, the sponsor direction attends the meeting the Foshan Enterprise had demonstrated two look like the opportunity infinite emerging market. Not yet develops “the virgin land” regarding these two, many enterprises display the very big interest. However, political situation whether to become the enterprise stably to the emerging market most issue of concern. in the impression, Iraq is quite chaotic, the market is again big, business to be again good, the personal safety must place first.”Huang Hang spoke frankly, even if entices is very big, the security is as before she when the inspection emerging market considered an important attribute. Regarding the above two areas, she must further inspect. Regarding this, new pearl ceramics group international services department General Manager Wu Mingang had the experience deeply. “we also have some cargos in Syria to detain now.”Wu Mingang said. Tan Yingze indicated that before entering a market, the local policy, the legal stipulation is suspends in front of the exporter a most important ridge. “discussed the half of the day, finally opposite party does not have the importation rights, business also not to be able to make.”Mentions when a Brazil's single business, Tan Ying displays very much regrettably.

Because to overseas situation's worrying, many enterprises uses dealer's pattern in the overseas market, establishes the channel not to be many directly, what for is precisely momentarily may withdraw. Develops the emerging market to need the patience Regarding the enterprise, develops the overseas market likely is the cake which a belt punctures, the giant market is following the unknown risk. Year to year organizes the Chinese Enterprise to go to MIE group deputy general manager Xiao Feng who the Middle East participates to indicate that facing the different market, the enterprise needs to adopt the different strategy. For instance, was similarly the Middle East market, Dubai was already mature, but the market space was relatively small a spot, many big enterprises already stood firm, the new enterprise entered the difficulty to be big. , Qatar market is comparatively broad, becomes the second Dubai hopefully, but the ceramic enterprise did not have to enter massively. He suggested that when enters Qatar market, if the enterprise fears has the risk, may take the small spot the location to carry on the attempt, but Qatar is a comparison high-end market, is quite high to the product scale request, suggested that has the strength enterprise to make the big own brand, pays great attention the brand mold.   But regarding Iraq, he indicated that because the local market economy was not still mature, native's management consciousness is quite weak, has a mind to enter local the enterprise on the trained dealer need more patiences.

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